About us - Miedema Watersport

Miedema watersport, a short history

In 1917 Andries Miedema started a mast, pump, block making and turning shop. This company was given the name Miedema Woodware and was located on the Camstraburen in Leeuwarden. The company made, among other things, wooden masts and spars (hooks, trees, booms and gaffs) for the wooden sk├╗ts that were still used at the time. The company also made products for agriculture, such as wooden pumps that were placed in the outskirts of the farmlands to pump up the water. At that time, water pipes were not yet known in the countryside.

Under the leadership of the 2nd generation, Freerk Miedema, the company expanded and mainly focused on the trade and production of wooden agricultural and contractor tools, such as shovels, hay rakes, feed troughs, etc.

The company moved to the Family van de Weijstraat in Leeuwarden. The production of water sports articles, under the name Miedema Watersport, has been a permanent division of Miedema Woodwares over the years. Production was even expanded through the acquisition of the company; Buit Houtindustrie. This acquisition took place in 1993 under the leadership of the 3rd generation of Miedemas; brother and sister Andries and Petra Miedema. In addition to water sports, they focused on the supply to construction and contracting of mainly moldings, such as scrap, glazing beads and skirting boards. In 1986 they took over the Visser Houtwaren company and expanded their company further.

In 1995 Timmermans Houthandel was taken over and merged with Miedema Woodware. This resulted in the largest wood combination: a timber trade with the most extensive machinery and a production company with the largest warehouse in the north. During this time, the company settled on Uranusweg, the old location of Timmerman's Houthandel.

MiedemaHout, as the company is now called, focuses mainly on the supply of construction and wood products with added processing to construction. Specialties are also still made, such as round frames and curved railings.

In early 2009, Miedema Watersport, which is still flourishing within MiedemaHout, has become independent and is currently run by 4th generation Miedema, Freek Miedema.

Back at the old location, on the Family van der Weijstraat, the company can fully focus on Watersports and thus continue the tradition of the generations with gusto. The package still represents spars but also flagpoles, paddles, oars and many other water sports items.