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Diameter paddle/oar
Diameter sloepriem/wrikriem
friese vlag
geus vlaggen
Length boat hooks
Length Boat hooks
Length Decorative pole
Length Flagpoles
Length oar
Length rowing oar
Length Yachtpaddels
Measurements batten
Measurements beads
Measurements belaying pin
Measurements halfmoons
Messing / Chroom haak
nederlandse vlag
RVS grootte
Teen (klauw)
Vlag Nederland met inzet Friese vlag


Specialist in wooden water sports equipment

We supply all wooden supplies for water sports and made-to-measure products to shipyards, wholesalers, suppliers and private individuals. Would you like to have something unique made for your boat or would you like to order a whole series of a certain product? Then you have come to the right place at Miedema Watersport.

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