Sloep-Wrikriem Essen Ø 50 - 3113Blank gelakt - Miedema Watersport
Product information

Product information

Wooden sloop- sculling oar 

Sloop oars have a long history in our country. In the Golden Age, VOC ships already had rowing boats on board. However, sloops are still used, for example as lifeboats. For example, we make and supply the sloops for the fire brigade, navy, scouting and maritime training, where the oars are still widely used.
The sloop oars are made of ash wood and are glued from several parts of wood.
The sloop oars are still made in the traditional way and are available in various lengths and thicknesses. A sculling oar is understood to be an oar with a diameter of Ø 60/3396 mm. The sloop oars are put in the quick-paint against possible damage and streaks and can be painted. Of course, the handle is not painted with us. We have various oars in stock at our production.


Diameter paddle/oar Ø50mm